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     Tim Corcoran has been active in Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Inland Empire since 1989. He has been designated as one of the “50 Top Neutrals” in the State of California. Tim handles not only all types of civil litigation matters, but also those conflicts outside the litigated arena. Mr. Corcoran’s client base is nationwide, and he has handled both domestic and international matters. He is based in Southern California and Boise, Idaho. He is a distinguished fellow member of the International Academy of Mediators and is certified by the International Mediation Institute and He has presented Continuing Legal Education classes to the State Bar of California and various bar associations.

      Tim has been   associated with JAMS and Judicate West and is now the primary mediator with Redlands Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc.

      Tim resides in Hidden Springs, ID with his wife Linda and they have two sons attending Boise State University.  Tim has two older children who both served as Officers in the United States Army; one is now an Assistant Professor of Medicine at a University Medical School and the other is a small business owner.

     Tim is also a Eucharistic Minister at assisted care facilities, hospitals and Sunday Mass, an Annulment Advocate, Catholics Returning Home Minister and is the founder of Catholic Mediators. Tim is also a Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

     Tim enjoys being an endurance athlete completing numerous marathons, the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii twice, as well as hiking, shooting sporting clays, and playing golf. He also enjoys watching college football, the Hallmark Channel and faith-based movies.

Meet Tim Corcoran



An efficient means of resolving disputes. It's less expensive, avoids protractive litigation, and orients towards client interests.


Mediation is simple, economical, and less formal than litigation and parties are permitted to participate in the process.


The key for effective mediation. Come with an open mind, settlement authority, and a commitment to negotiation.



"I have called upon Tim for more than 15 years to assist with settlement of our cases and he has been very successful.   He truly has a special touch on our most difficult cases. He is respectful, but necessarily direct with claim representatives.  Tim has an extraordinary ability to connect with litigants and help them understand the value of resolution of their case instead of facing the uncertainties of trial."

Catherine Gayer

“Tim Corcoran did an excellent job on a recent mediation. The case was complex and involved multiple parties and challenging factual and legal issues. I found Tim to be very well prepared, highly intelligent, and resourceful. He was willing to work long into the night to get the case resolved. I give him the highest marks and would be happy to speak to anyone about his excellent skills. Over my career,  I have worked with many mediators and Tim is absolutely top notch.”

John M. Feder

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