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“Tim Corcoran did an excellent job on a recent mediation. The case was complex and involved multiple parties and challenging factual and legal issues. I found Tim to be very well prepared, highly intelligent, and resourceful. He was willing to work long into the night to get the case resolved. I give him the highest marks and would be happy to speak to anyone about his excellent skills. Over my career,  I have worked with many mediators and Tim is absolutely top notch.”


     John M. Feder

     Rouda, Feder, Tietjen and McGuinn



“I have used Tim Corcoran numerous times to mediate many difficult cases .. He is always  prepared and effective . I would highly recommend him to everyone.

      Geoff Wells  


I have called upon Tim for more than 15 years to assist with settlement of our cases and he has been very successful.   He truly has a special touch on our most difficult cases. He is respectful, but necessarily direct with claim representatives.  Tim has an extraordinary ability to connect with litigants and help them understand the value of resolution of their case instead of facing the uncertainties of trial.

      Catherine Gayer



I had the pleasure of participating in a mediation with Tim Corcoran, in a complicated, multi-million dollar case involving several plaintiffs and law firms. The case involved both factual and legal issues that required hard work to resolve.

Tim spent many hours preparing for the mediation, and then masterfully mediated for over 8 hours until the case was fully resolved. He did a great job all around and I highly recommend him as a mediator…

      Tal Rubin



.“In 40 years of personal injury practice, I have had extensive experience with mediations of all types…ordered and voluntary, by judges and attorneys.

While there are differences in style and procedure, litigators know that few are truly skilled at the art, and predictably effective.

Mr. Corcoran is one of those few.  He is the expert in the science of mediation:  Studied, thorough, and successful in producing results.”

     Walter T. Clark

     Walter Clark Legal Group



“Tim is the go-to mediator when you want to get your case settled.  He works tirelessly on trying to settle cases in every mediation, and nothing deters him from trying to help parties settle their case.  I have had lots of cases with other mediators where the mediation begins and the mediator tells me at the outset. “This case is not going to settle.  The parties are too far apart. We need to suspend the mediation today and come back at a later date.” I dislike that so much because it indicates to me the mediator doesn’t want to get his/her hands dirty and work.  I have never heard that from Tim.  Tim knows his cases inside and out, and uses the integrative bargaining technique to help get rid of demand and offer numbers that usually end a mediation before it starts. I have worked with Tim as both a defense attorney and plaintiff attorney, and he has been fantastic with my adjusters who are knowledgeable about the mediation process, and he has been equally fantastic with my plaintiff clients who are less knowledgeable at guiding them through the process to reach settlement. Tim recently settled a very difficult multi-party case for my client where he spent about four days in talking to the parties to settle a case that other mediators could not. Thank you for your efforts, Tim.”

       Dani Mouri



“Tim Corcoran is without a doubt one of the most experienced and effective mediators I have ever had the experience of working with during my two-decade legal career.  From simple two party cases, to multiple-plaintiff (12 plaintiff) cases, he has successfully and respectfully resolved them. He works hard and gets results. He understands the law and most importantly he understands the economics and practicalities of litigating all types of cases.  Without revealing confidentialities from either side, he is honest about your client’s case and his perspective can be invaluable. He is one of my favorite mediators and is always on my list to call when asked by opposing counsel.

        Jeremy K. Hanson



“Tim is always well prepared, and approaches each case in a realistic, open manner. He is very personable with clients, and explains the process fully. Not afraid to discuss both the good and bad aspects of a case, he is forthright and objective. He takes whatever time is necessary, and shows both attorneys and clients that he really cares. Settlement efforts do not end at the conclusion of the hearing, and Tim follows-up as often as necessary to obtain a settlement. No case is too big or too small, and he never gives up. If you want to settle your case, I highly recommend Tim.”

        Walter Hogan

        Ewaniszyk Law Firm


“Tim Corcoran does not take "no" for an answer.  Nor does he accept the statement "this case cannot be settled". He is unrelenting in his effort to bring the parties together.  He does an outstanding job.”

       Greg Konoske

       Konoske, Akiyama & Brust, LLP

“I am pleased to provide Tim Corcoran my unqualified recommendation as a Mediator.  He has a knack for grasping quickly the intricacies of a case and I have been lucky enough to witness him pull the proverbial rabbit out of his hat, effectuating settlements in difficult cases where the parties had resigned themselves to proceeding to Trial. As a defense attorney, I deal with many Plaintiffs’ attorneys who will only agree to utilize Tim as a Mediator on the cases we have together and I am all too happy to agree, as I have seen his effectiveness and results firsthand.”

       Stanley R. Escalante


“Mr. Corcoran is always very professional and friendly, and… after just a few minutes time into the mediation process, it becomes readily apparent that he is familiar with the facts AND the law. This preparedness extends to his overall handling of the matter…

My most recent mediation with him was one for the books, with multiple parties, massive coverage issues, hotly disputed liability, causation, and damage issues, and in short, it was tough. Mr. Corcoran brought his professionalism and understanding to maximum affect, and to my pleasant surprise we had a hammered out fair resolution that disposed of both state and federal cases.

Tim Corcoran is the real deal, highly trained and professional, and not a Johnny Come Lately to the game.”

         Gary Baughman

         Law Office of Gary D. Baughman, APC

“Tim is insightful and courteous with a highly-respected reputation as a skilled and even-handed neutral. He has an uncanny ability to analyze strengths and weaknesses of a case, and the ability to persuade and close the deal.”

         Howard Slavin

         Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard and Smith

“Myself, and the attorneys in our office, have selected Mr. Corcoran as our Mediator of choice many times over the last twenty years, and we have never been disappointed. He has a good working knowledge of the law in many diverse fields, which provides him the ability to be creative in the manner in which he brings parties, through their counsel, to craft a resolution. This is a rare and special talent which very few professional Mediators possess.

Mr. Corcoran is always professional, goes above and beyond the point where most Mediators would simply stop. We would not hesitate to select him as a Mediator.”

        Jeffrey A. Dains

        Law Offices of Borton Petrini, LLP


“…Thank you for being an active listener and excellent mediator… You… put me at ease, answered my questions and discussed the case fairly. I am grateful the case could be resolved and… further litigation would be unnecessary. I believe God used you to be the mediator in this situation. For your objectivity, expertise, and impartiality, I am grateful…”

A letter received from the plaintiff of a vicious dog bite/attack case I mediated last month"

...I have been steeped in litigation for all of my 27 years of practice.  I have significant experience in both California and Texas.  I have mediated many cases. I have concluded that you, Tim Corcoran, are the most effective mediator I have ever worked with.

So many mediators provide little more than a couple of conference rooms, lunch and a courier service to transport offers and counter-offers back and forth.  I appreciated your skill and approach in first seeking to understand the personalities and the unique drivers of the parties and counsel.  I observed with interest your sage utilization of those insights in bringing down barriers I thought certain would linger until a trial date.  It was a pleasure to watch you work.  Thank you for a job well done."

          Chris Cole - Utah 


“…I have known Mr. Corcoran for over two decades, originally as an adversary in civil cases and later as an arbitrator and mediator…

Mr. Corcoran has been tireless in his development of a well-respected mediation service of the highest character and trust he has gone through multiple rounds of formal education, as well as a professional lifetime of experience. He is gracious, welcoming and a good communicator. Clients appreciate and like him. They trust him.

When adversaries go before Mr. Corcoran, they are assured that he is committed to resolution of their matter, will listen carefully, and will be thoughtful in a variety of approaches that he employs. Mr. Corcoran is practical, yet imaginative. He does not give up and works very hard to benefit the parties with final resolution.

Finally, and perhaps most important, his services have earned the trust of all sides of cases, and he is recommended by plaintiffs, defendants, judges and others in judging and/or alternative dispute resolution careers…”

          Jim Heiting

          Heiting & Irwin - Riverside

          Past-President, California State Bar

“…I have had many cases over the years mediated by Mr. Corcoran with a very high degree of success. In fact, the highest compliment that I can pay Tim is that he is my mediator of choice regardless of issues or complexity of the case. 

What separates Tim from most other mediators is his unique ability to convince both attorneys and litigants to see the benefits of settlement over the risks of trial-it seems obvious, but it is much easier said than done…”

         Chris Mulder

         Bentler Mulder, LLP - Riverside

“…I have known Mr. Corcoran approximately 12 years and have had the opportunity of using his professional services as a mediator in over 50 mediations during this time.

Mr. Corcoran has always conducted his mediations in a very professional manner and with the dignity expected by both counsel and litigants in civil litigation cases. I have always found his abilities to be exceptional in the handling of the law, medical issues and the personalities of the parties involved in the cases ranging from numerous parties with complex legal, insurance coverage and medical issues to those of more simple factual and damage issues. In all cases I have found his handling of the matter to be exemplary.

As an attorney primarily representing the Plaintiff I have always appreciated the time and effort Mr. Corcoran has dedicated to making my clients feel completely comfortable and satisfied with the mediation process. His efforts in this regard have greatly assisted in the resolution of cases that would most likely not have settled but for this effort.

I have found his insights into mediation and conflict resolution to be particularly helpful in resolving cases. I candidly must admit to having adopted some of Mr. Corcoran’s methods to assist me in my practice.

I have found in my interaction with fellow members of the bar that Mr. Corcoran is universally held in high esteem…”

         Dave Garrett

         Blomberg, Benson & Garrett - Ontario

“…I have known Tim for over 20 years. During that time, I have seen him grow professionally and develop what is now a very well-established arbitration and mediation service in Redlands, California.

I have personally had Tim sit as a mediator or arbitrator on more than 20 cases. Those cases involved matters which had simple fact patterns to very complicated fact patterns. I found on each occasion that Tim was a very able mediator who was willing to put in time and effort to bring the parties together for a meaningful resolution.

His demeanor and professionalism set him apart from many others who conduct such hearings. I know personally that he has continued his education in this area attempting to keep him fresh and knowledgeable in terms of the best techniques available to assist the parties in resolving their issues.

Quite frequently I am asked to recommend an arbitrator or mediator to various attorneys within the Inland Empire. When asked, I am always pleased to recommend Tim for those services knowing that he will act as a neutral and attempt to the best of his abilities to resolve the issues before him…”

        Stan Orrock

“…In the last 12 months, I have appeared in front of Tim Corcoran as our chosen mediator no less than 6 times and dozens more in the last 5 years.

He is one of the highest working and most professional mediators I have had the privilege of working with. He is tireless in his approach and will not let anyone rest until all the facts are out and hidden agendas exposed. I have gone hours over our scheduled time and on other occasions, because of this style and ability to form close relationships with the attorneys and clients before him, have settled cases in less than an hour. These are cases that would not have otherwise settled.

He is the only mediator that I use in the Inland Empire and the only one that I have used in the last 3 or 4 years in the area.”

 …He is known as an A+ mediator…”

         Doug Kottler

         Kottler & Kottler - Los Angeles

"…This is the first time I have had the opportunity of using Tim Corcoran’s services as a mediator and I found that he was extremely professional, well prepared, had read our brief and understood the situation. This was a complex case regarding personalities and collect ability. Mr. Corcoran was very helpful in facilitating a settlement in this case and I would use him again and recommend him very highly…”

          Steven Zwick - Mission Viejo

"...Mr. Corcoran is an extremely qualified mediator. I have known Mr. Corcoran for the past 25 years and watched his transition from a practicing attorney to an extremely capable mediator.

He is one of the hardest working and professional mediators I have dealt with in the past 15 years.  His mediations are always conducted in a professional manner and with dignity afforded to the attorneys and the litigants.  In the area of personal injury, I have found him to be knowledgeable regarding complex medical issues which is extremely helpful in resolving those type of cases..."

        M. M. - San Bernardino

"...Tim is a master at helping both sides identify the issues in their case in an effort to settle the case.  His experience as a long time practicing attorney and his ability to make me and my client understand the pros and cons of trial have proven to be the difference in several mediations.

 In my nearly 15 years of practice and hundreds of mediations, Tim Corcoran clearly stands out as one of the best in the business..."

         Mike Alder - Beverly Hills

"...I want to send you this letter to thank you for the professional and excellent manner in which you handled the mediation on the above case on behalf of my clients, the plaintiffs.  To be truthful, when I came into this mediation, I did not believe there was much of a chance of this case settling.  The insurance company had taken a very hard line view of our case and was not considering the vast majority of medical bills, in spite of reports and letters we had from the doctors.

I'm impressed that you refused to allow the case to descend in widely disparate demands and offers from both sides.  I noticed that you careful explained your position to both sides and then "created value” in the case before you actually committed to either side to take a position in dollars and cents.  I thought the practice of using” a range" of negotiation values rather than a specific demand or offer was also very clever and helpful in settling this case. I was very surprised with the amount of money that you were able to get the insurance company to offer at the end of the case. Your professionalism, courtesy and skill in handling this mediation were all very impressive to me. I will certainly recommend you as a mediator to my friends and colleagues for their cases and hope to be able to use your services again..." 


"...You were a mediator in a case for me yesterday.  That was the first time we had ever met.  However, I was so enamored with your methodology and tenacity in settling what I considered an extremely tough plaintiff's case that I decided to write this letter.

 I have been a civil trial lawyer doing plaintiff's personal injury work in San Diego County for over 31 years.  I have been to countless mediations and I have never seen a style quire like yours.  It was very different but most impressive.  You were able to do whatever it took for as long as it took to get the two (2) sides together.  And, we had two (2) sides in this particular case with some real animosity between us.

More to the point, your style simply gets the job done!  I will make sure that my brothers and sisters in the plaintiff's bar in San Diego (Consumer Attorneys of San Diego) know about your outstanding mediation skills..."

         Dan Ziedman - El Cajon 


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