About Tim


      Tim Corcoran is a Neutral specializing in Commercial Mediation and Arbitration. After graduating from the University of Southern California and the Thomas Jefferson College of Law he practiced law in the Inland Empire region of southern California for over forty years.  Tim and his wife Linda reside in Hidden Springs, Idaho. The Corcoran’s have four children: the oldest, Shawn, is a West Point and Georgetown University Medical School graduate and after his Army career, he has been teaching medicine at the Ohio State University Medical School. Courtney is a Boise State University graduate and was a Captain in the US Army before retiring. She lives in Houston with her husband and son. Brad is a Senior at Boise State University and is in Army ROTC. The youngest, Alex is a student at Boise State University.  The Corcoran family enjoys outdoor activities and sports including hiking, jogging, fishing, swimming, golf, snow skiing, cycling and trap and sport shooting.  Tim and Linda have each completed the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Hawaii twice.

Early ADR years

      Prior to 1990 Mr. Corcoran began hearing judicial arbitrations on a regular basis and over the next 15 years at the urging of many colleagues and members of the judiciary he commenced a full time ADR practice. Since 2005 he has focused exclusively on meditation and arbitration. He has continued his professional education by attending the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at the Pepperdine School of Law and Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation. Over the past 30 years he has conducted over 7,000 mediations or arbitrations.


Professional Associations


       Tim Corcoran is a Distinguished Fellow with the International Academy of Mediators.

From time to time during the course of his professional career he has been a member of many associations, including the American Bar Association, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Southern California Mediation Association, the California Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, Consumer Attorneys of California, Southern California Defense Counsel, as well as the Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino County Bar Associations. He served on the Board of Directors for the Riverside County Bar Association and as the President of the Riverside County Barristers. (1985).  Over the last several years he has been associated with various distinguished ADR panels  in  either an exclusive or non-exclusive relationship including JAMS, Judicate-West, IVAMS and Resolute Systems.  He also served on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee for the California State Bar 2011 to 2014.


Professional Recognition


  • Top 50 Neutral, Daily Journal

  • “Legal Eagle," Inland Empire Magazine, "Top Lawyers" Edition

  • AV-rated, Martindale-Hubbell in both, Legal and Judicial  groups

  • SuperLawyers, Southern California Edition

  • Distinguished Fellow, International Academy of Mediators

  • Founder and President, Catholic Mediators and Founder and President, Last Minute Mediations

  • Founder and President of Redlands Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc. and Trail Creek Mediation

  • Certified Member, International Mediation Institute 

  • Former Member, Southern California Mediation Association

  • Former Member, Riverside County Bar Association Board of Directors

  • Former President, Riverside County Barristers, 1985

  • Former Lecturer, California Southern School of Law

  • Speaking engagements:   Association  Southern California  Defense Counsel; Advanced training for Riverside County Bar Association  ADR Section; USC LAW School Alumni; University of La Verne  Law School and Western San Bernardino County Bar Association;  Riverside County Barristers


Some of the cases Mr. Corcoran has handled....

     In a nutshell, Mr. Corcoran has handled just about every conceivable type of case involving torts (death, bodily injury, professional negligence), general liability, animal related cases, premises liability, employment and commercial cases.


Tort Cases


  • Automobile related disputes - Automobiles v. pedestrians, crosswalks (marked and unmarked) and wheelchairs

  • Claims against public transportation carriers or injuries incurred while on public transportation vehicles

  • Claims involving multiple plaintiffs and defendants and, sometimes, multiple insurance policies wherein damages are split among claimants

  • Multiple traumatic brain injury cases from mild to severe

  • Disputes involving liability issues including issues of speed, cell phone use, inattention and driving under influence

  • Right turn, left turn, side-swipe, rear-ender, T-bone, U-turn, wide turns, narrow turns and cross-over center line and curb crawlers.  Single car, multi car, and 50 car pile ups.  Rollover, airborne, and over-cliff cases.  Big rig trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, scooter, bicycle, skate board and golf cart cases.  On-road and off-road incidents.

  • Roadway liability issues including road design, striping, signage, pavement consistency, gore point design and roadway edge cases

  • Soft-tissue, whiplash, neck, mid-back, low back injuries.  Lower extremity, pelvic, upper extremity and closed-head trauma cases.  Post-traumatic stress disorders, post concussive as well as post-partum injuries.  Injuries to every claimed organ and system in the body

  • Police misconduct cases of all types




  • Battery claim involving college athlete who attacked drive-in theater employee

  • Dispute involving teenage boy punched in the face as part of a game played with friend

  • Employee slapped in face by long-time employer

  • Female student sexual battery claim against male middle school teacher for incidents occurring off campus over several months

  • High-school athlete with several hear injuries following attack by fellow student in unsupervised area of gymnasium

  • Matter involving bouncer attacking patron

  • Teenage girl struck in face with golf club during physical education class


Construction Site

  • Experience resolving construction site injury claims that include additional insured issues, tender of defense, general contractor indemnity (both express and implied), workers' compensation issues, causation issues, multiple carriers and multiple levels of insurance

  • Construction defect cases that involve developers, HOA’s and individuals

General Liability


  • Child suffered permanent brain damage and quadriplegia after becoming entwined in cord from window coverings

  • Amputated finger from displayed machinery in retail store

  • Child burned by hot  barbecue coals dumped in a schoolyard playground adjacent to public park

  • Child received burns and scars after adult at foster care facility directed child to get into bathtub

  • Claim involving plaintiff who took car to garage for an oil change and vehicle was inadvertently sent to auction and sold without plaintiff's permission

  • Claims stemming from fight between two men while on a double date with spouses 

  • Matter involving  plaintiff with serious cervical spine injury sustained at a restaurant when he tried to catch, with his mouth, a piece of food being flipped to him

  • Mentally disabled adult rendered quadriplegic after crashing bicycle on a storm damaged highway

  • Resolved dispute involving bed bugs spread throughout community following students' trip to wilderness camp

  • Settle public nuisance claims against popular late night restaurant

  • Fire subrogation claims  by multiple insurance companies against multiple defendants for fire damage, loss of business, business interruption based on spontaneous combustion of towels in dryer where dryer malfunctioned or not properly installed

  • Fire damage subrogation case where towels spontaneously combusted  in hamper

  • Emotional distress from loss of baby's first pictures taken in hospital

  • Multiple Federal Civil Rights claims based on law enforcement misconduct

  • 84 year old lady claims mall electric doors knocked her down and proceeded to batter her several times; fix hip, $250,000 medical bills

  • Construction man inspecting roof on tall ladder when rain gutter broke causing fall; $250,000 medical bills and 3 fixes

  • Insurance coverage; wind damage with water intrusion after record rainfall; dispute re: history or roof damage prior to this claim; commercial property

Medical Malpractice Cases


  • Numerous cases involving standard of care, injury and/or causation issues cases include hospital, physician and/or nursing care violations. MICRA issues.

  • Case involving 7 year old child and failure to diagnose meningococcal meningitis by E.R., treating physician, and other contributing factors. Child lost all four extremities and had multiple surgeries on face

  • Failure to monitor patient in hospital while fly larva nested in patients mouth

  • Inappropriate preventative medicine therapy for nasal surgery patient that resulted in breakdown of immune system and ultimate death of patient

  • Failure to diagnose and treat young MS patient   relative to tracheostomy tube placement,  hemorrhage and death

  • ER presentation after roll-over traffic accident claimant discovers pregnancy. Causation dispute relative to medical mismanagement, trauma from accident and natural causes relative to fetus in first trimester


Animal Cases


  • Case involving dog bite injuries to a small child’s face requiring more than 100 stitches

  • Child with injuries to mouth and lip  from dog bite

  • Disputes involving dogs attacking other dogs, people injured breaking up fights between dogs, dogs injuring trespassers and pet theft attempts

  • Dog bite dispute involving multiple potential owners 

  • Housekeeper’s finger bitten off by family dog

American with Disabilities Act
  • Multiple cases involving ADA violations relative to height, width, length and other dimensions of public facilities

  • Physically disabled patient injured after narrow hallway causes fall from gurney

  • Trip and fall on very low wall on walkway at public high school that highlighted necessity of ramps and other ADA compliant designs

  • Wheelchair bound student injured on school premises after rolling down hill and falling


Premises Liability

  • Slip and fall, trip and fall, stick and fall and sit and fall claims involving liquids or substances on floors and sidewalks, sprinklers, ice, cracks, uneven surfaces, walkway deviations, steel plates  and holes on golf courses, carpet color variations and step or tread height or depth variations

  • Elderly lady trips over planter edge in public parking lot at nights after blackout in city

  • Stream of grease from receptacle for multiple commercial establishments flowing into common area; spillage may be due to multiple causes, significant injuries from slip and fall with large workers comp claim for past and impending permanent disability determination forthcoming; multiple additional insured and express indemnity issues present


Wrongful Death


  • Matter involving teenage boy shot and killed at high school graduation party

  • Medical negligence claim involving death of young man with muscular dystrophy

  • Teenager killed while racing friend's motorcycle while under influence where no supervision by any adult.

  • Multiple death cases arising from all types of conduct in all types of situations including small children to seniors


Employment Cases


  • Discrimination cases based on age, race, religion, sexual orientation and gender

  • High profile Law enforcement government entity employee claim of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination

  • High profile school district employee in high management position severely injured on job then subjected to discrimination, abuse, harassment  obtains IDR and workers comp resolution

  • Whistle blower, hostile work environment and retaliation cases

  • Constructive termination dispute involving plaintiff correctional officer's claims of false write-ups, sexual harassment and retaliation

  • Discrimination claims involving Spanish speaking employee terminated from employment at large church

  • Individual harassment against a school district 

  • Multi-plaintiff wrongful termination claims against auto dealership alleging owners replaced plaintiff employees with family members

  • All types of cases involving worker’s compensation claims of injuries, temporary and permanent disability, credit issues, Medicare set aside issues

  • Racial discrimination dispute involving supervisor's alleged racial taunts

  • Trucking company dispute involving multiple employees' claims of fraud and failure to pay minimum  wage with additional allegations including doctored books, manuals and trucking rate sheets

  • Wage and hour disputes including individual and multi-plaintiff matters

  • Police officers sue city for free speech retaliation after police chief acts per city council directive


Commercial Cases


  • Intellectual property, patent, breach of contracts, lost investments, manufacturing and distribution issues

  • Breach of contract cases including franchise agreements, lease issues, accounting and insufficient production issues

  • Disputes between wholesaler and retailer and consumers

  • Attorney fee disputes, attorney malpractice and attorney misconduct

  • Disputes between general contractor, developer and sub-contractors 

  • Construction contract related disputes

  • Construction defect disputes of all types including injury claims, property damage claims, and interference with business operations.

  • Construction defect disputes involving indemnity issues (express and implied),  additional insured issues

  • Real estate disputes involving brokers, agents and consumers; consumer landlord-tenant  issues Easements, eminent domain, as well as fraud and failure to disclose issues involving residential and  commercial transactions

  • Breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, misrepresentation dispute involving one seller and two foreign buyers all represented by same agent

  • Home Owner Association disputes of all types often involving roofing, air conditioning and heating, multiple subs and mold issues leading to property damage and sickness and causation issues

  • Home Owner Association, Master HOA and Inter-Association disputes; management disputes; HOA improprieties, accounting  

  • Home Owner Association dispute involving neighbors, obstruction of view, violations of bylaws and Association rules and Board misconduct

  • Breach of contract, elder financial abuse, parties are both professional financial advisors, client list, loss of commission

  • Pipeline construction project. Breach of contract, fiduciary duty, inadequate and inappropriate insurance coverage. Miscommunication. Damages in millions of dollars

  • Assigned all mediation cases involving the City of San Bernardino as it emerged from Bankruptcy

  • One of six panel members assigned to handle mediation cases for Pacific Gas & Electric as it emerged from Bankruptcy

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